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This is a warning for all the people connected to Xbox Live. Quite a few members of the local Xbox forum have been receiving messages with phishing links in them. These people are trying to steal your gamertag (yes they are that sad).

So far, they seem to be targeting the members with gamerscore of 30 000 and above but that isn’t to say that they won’t go lower.

The messages are usually about free Microsoft points and they tell you to go to a website which will prompt you for your username and password of your gamertag. All you should do when you receive one of these messages is block communication with this person.

Apparently Microsoft isn’t willing to help if your gamertag is stolen because they say that you should never give your password away.

The messages come from various gamertags and the sender’s usually have more than 20 000 gamerscore, presumably because they use a gamertag that they have already stolen.

The messages should be really easy to recognize if you do receive one so don’t get caught. Nothing is free in this world.

Last Updated: September 19, 2008

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