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Was that a stab at BLOPS 2 Mr. DICE General Manager?

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DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson revealed at GDC Europe that Battlefield 4 will remain in a modern setting.

“We still want to stay in this genre, the modern day as it is. We feel this is a place we can be and continue with the series. Battlefield 4 can live in this space and be very successful.” Reports Joystiq.

But why point it out? Maybe it’s a little stab at Activision Treyarch and giving Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 a more futuristic feel since Call of Duty has become Battlefield’s biggest competition. However I don’t think EA and DICE have anything to worry about since they’ve had over a decade of success with their franchise and Call of Duty is really very late to the party.

Where battlefield has succeeded in releasing a replacement or betterment of each current competitive title for example: Battlefield 3 being the “new” competitive game to play in the franchise and Bad Company 2 slowly slipping into the background, Call of Duty has never quite succeeded in doing the same to Call of Duty 4, which is still the most popular competitive title of the franchise in our country anyway.

Battlefield 4 will probably be the next replacement in Battlefield but somehow I don’t see Black Ops 2 replacing Call of Duty 4. Troedsson also hinted at the possibility of a new Bad Company game. “That doesn’t mean there might not be a Bad Company game again in the future.” He said.

Battlefield 4 will go into beta in 2013 which gamers will be able to get access to by pre-ordering Medal of Honor Warfighter (which btw will probably join the battle of the shooters with Battlefield and Call of duty, since it looks so damn sexy and multiplayer like).

Additional information about the beta has also been posted on Reddit by the Battlefield 3 Community Manager.

Last Updated: August 14, 2012

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