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Wasteland 3 developer inXile hiring for a first-person shooter

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inXile are a wonderfully talented studio that has seen it’s fair share of success. The Wasteland franchise, which sought to serve as a spiritual sequel to old school Fallout game (1 and 2, to be specific) are all fantastic RPGs, but from the sounds of things the developers are in need of a break from that top-down, turn-based violence. Twisted Voxel has determined that inXile is currently staffing up for its new projects and based on the job descriptions it could be a very different beast entirely.


One of the mentioned job listings is for a lead gameplay engineer, who’s job is involves working on, “the studio’s next-generation action role-playing game”, with “first person shooter gameplay features”. In isolation it could be easy to disregard that entirely but further job listings paint a similar image as a senior gameplay designer is also looking to be hired who will be “designing and implementing gameplay systems such as powerful, tactile first-person weapons and unique combat abilities”. Certainly sounds like a first-person shooter is in the works over at inXile.


It’s most likely that this game will turn out to an FPS RPG beyond just a straight action game. Last year CEO of inXile, Brian Fargo, tweeted that the studio was currently “working on wonderful new RPGs” so it seems likely that this is one of them. Fargo did also confirm that one of those games was still a long way off, describing it as being in “the infancy of pre-production”. Who knows, maybe Wasteland 4 is looking to be a drastic change from the norm… if it even is Wasteland 4. I do love a good mystery!

Last Updated: January 7, 2021

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