Watch Dogs 2’s changed ending hints at a London sequel

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Watch Dogs 2 teases new setting in ending change 2

Watch Dogs 2 was a surprise last year, if only for how it improved over the series’ lacklustre debut so drastically. Turning Dedsec, the hacktivist group you’ve been part of in both titles, into a nationwide phenomenon through social messaging fit perfectly with the new cast of characters, gadgets and missions you undertook as Marcus Holloway. The ending of the game was brief too, but a new patch as added a small but of dialogue that suggests a sequel will take place across the ocean.

It’s weird for narrative content to be changed with a patch, but the most recent one for Watch Dogs 2 added a little hint at the tail end of the epilogue. After Marcus and Dedsec have broadcast their message to the world, urging people to join their cause and root out the injustice corporations are inflicting on consumers, two voices can be heard conversing. The segment is brief, but you can see it in the video below – just before the game just back to Marcus and the open-world.

The conversation isn’t as important has what’s on the screen though. Above the dialogue box are some co-ordinates, which many quickly punched into Google. The digits point towards a location in London, which has ignited speculation that the next piece in the Watch Dogs puzzle could have you playing with a Dedsec group in England.

Or course, whether that means there’s another game on the way or simply some large DLC is not yet clear. Watch Dogs 2 is getting story DLC, but they’re all presumably set in the same San Francisco map that the main game takes place in. And despite sales picking up now, Watch Dogs 2 was still a disappointing title for Ubisoft. So it would be rather bullish of them to have already locked down important details for a sequel.

But then why patch something like that in? There’s intent behind the message here, so it’s hard to question Ubisoft not wanting talk around the franchise to fizzle out. But it’s likely going to be a while until we really know the true extent of what they’re hinting at here.


Last Updated: February 15, 2017

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