Watch Dogs: A Gameplay Demonstration

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Watch Dogs has been all over E3, and looks like one of the most intriguing open world games ever made. Sony give us a closer look at what the game has to offer.

Aiden is tasked with helping one of his friends, T-Bone, who is in trouble. The world is your weapon, as you use your smartphone to access just about every electronic you can imagine. Aiden locates his T-Bone by means of a hacked video camera. His friend is nearly caught by enemies, but Aiden (watching through the video camera still) triggers off music on the opposite side of the room, providing the distraction that T-Bone needs.

The demonstration carries on, showing how Aiden does nothing other than assist by means of his hacking. There is little running and gunning at this point, but one can see just how important his smartphone device is. The soon changes however, as T-Bone escapes and the police locate Aiden. Much like the video demonstration shown by Ubisoft earlier today, a quick blackout gives him the distraction he needs to escape, and escape he does.

The hacking of devices is so fast and seamless, making escaping and destruction look as easy as can be. I’d imagine that the game will obviously present some difficulties which we haven’t really seen yet. That or a blackout is always going to make for quick getaways, which will make the game a little too easy.

Last Updated: June 11, 2013

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