Watch Dogs breaks more records

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Watch dogs breaks many records

Last week, I told you about Watch Dogs smashing the record for fastest selling Ubisoft game. Now, it has broken a bunch of new sales records, proving just how profitable the new IP is. I guess it’s a sure thing – Ubisoft will have to make a bunch more games in the franchise.

Ubisoft announced that in the first week that the game has been available, it has already sold over four million copies. This makes it the best-selling game during week one for Ubisoft. Okay, sure, we figured that might be the case considering it broke records in the first day and was the UK’s biggest new IP launch. However, even more interestingly, the game is now the best-selling new IP at launch in the video game industry. For a new IP, Watch Dogs is doing ridiculously well, and we can only assume that the momentum will continue. Tony Key, Ubisoft’s senior VP of sales and marketing stated the importance of Watch Dogs right now:

With such strong sales momentum and positive feedback from gamers, Watch Dogs has positioned itself as the must-have game of the moment. We’re really proud of this achievement, and are confident that the Watch Dogs brand has a promising future.

It seems that the delay and gamble on the new IP from Ubisoft has paid off. Gamers are enjoying the more adult open-world approach. I wonder if Activision is hoping that they’ll have the same success with Destiny considering the investment that they’ve made in that franchise. I’m excited by new IP – it’s always great to see studios going for new ideas instead of rehashing the old. However, it can be a big gamble for them; if it fails, it’s years of development and money down the drain. Considering Watch Dogs’ success, it seems a sure thing that Ubi will put it on the Assassin’s Creed track, releasing new iterations every year. Well, unless everything is delayed into 2015 like all the other big games for this year.

Last Updated: June 4, 2014

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