Watch Dogs DLC trailer shows off cyborgs

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I’m excited for Watch Dogs – I won’t even try to deny it. For the most part, it seems like an intelligent sandbox game, and I’m keen to get my hack on. That said, the Season Pass has been announced before the game, which always irritates me. Do cyborg invasions make it all better?

Here is the trailer for the Season Pass:

For the non-video viewers among you, we get an extended look at T-Bone, a new playable hacker who seems to be on the wild (read: crazy) side. There are also three new side missions for the main game, new weapons and skins. The Season Pass also gives immediate access to the Untouchable pack, which seems to dress Aiden up as a classic Chicago gangster, complete with Tommy gun. Finally, we get a glimpse of a new game mode in which cyborgs are invading Chicago – this is more arcade inspired gameplay, but is still related to the core game.

The Season Pass is available for pre-order, releasing 27 May 2014. It will cost $20 and boasts a 25% saving.

I have no doubt that this DLC will add extra content to the game. It may be incredibly fun to play as T-Bone, and I’d certainly like to get my digital hands on that Tommy Gun and Fedora. However, I still simply cannot approve of games detailing their DLC and Season Pass when the actual game hasn’t even been released yet. I know most companies make a lot of money from DLC, but it still doesn’t sit right with me. Why can’t this content be included in the game? Why must I pay extra for a different skin?

Last Updated: April 30, 2014

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