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Watch Dogs: Legion’s new “Resistance” trailer is more of the same, but James Bond dies

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“We can’t let Microsoft rule every headline today. We need to drum up some buzz!” said a Ubisoft executive, while literally banging his head on the table because apparently that’s how business gets done over there. “Well, the thing is sir, we already showed off all our stuff two weeks ago…we don’t really have anything new…”. The executive knew it was true, he’d seen all the social media buzz around Far Cry 6 and Hyper Scape. Yet that just wasn’t good enough, frankly. He hadn’t climbed the rungs of the corporate ladder, avoiding Yves Guillotine in the latest company cull over super-gross behaviour in the upper echelons over the molestation of interns, to have damn MICROSOFT steal Ubisoft’s thunder so quickly.

“Do a Watch Dogs trailer.”

“But sir, I just told you! We don’t have-“


Thus, the “Resistance” trailer for Watch Dogs: Legion just dropped and it looks…well, it looks exactly the same as all the other trailers, showing off nothing we haven’t seen already. There’s the spider drones, the taser grannies and the construction worker riding some kind of…robot platform. We also get the same spiel about Albion Security taking over the streets and shooting people for protesting and none of it’s political in the slightest but hey, there’s some catchy lines about “resistance” and a decent tune in the background so just enjoy all the punk hairstyles and the rebelling.

Can you tell I’m not a big fan of how this game is selling itself? It’ll probably be decent, I enjoyed Watch Dogs 2 a lot but man, Legion really just needs to pull its socks up and stop trying to be so…extra. The mechanical ideas and setting for Watch Dogs: Legion look genuinely cool but whoever Ubisoft is paying to market their game…I think they need to maybe re-evaluate some decisions.

Last Updated: July 24, 2020

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