Watch Dogs prank hacks your humour glands

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Watch Dogs, from Ubisoft is a game all about hacking. It’s protagonist, if he really fits that bill, spends his time skirting the law, using his mobile phone to tempt software to do his bidding and aid his nefarious plans. It’s all for the greater good, naturally. Imagine though, if somebody could do that all in real life; turn of street lights; get ATM’s to spit out cash, fiddle with traffic light settings. This is what it might be like.

Here’s a nifty, well-made video of what life might be like if you got a phone capable of doing what Aiden’s does in Watch Dogs. It’s all set up like a prank video, but I’m convinced everyone in this thing is an actor. Everyone – despite what the disclaimer says.

Still, it’s super fun to watch, and I love that the Asian dude resorts to not being able to speak English when there’s trouble.

You can watch a “making of” video here.

Last Updated: May 19, 2014

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