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Evolve is one of my most anticipated games for this year. Releasing 10 February, it promises ridiculously fun action, cool asymmetrical multiplayer and the ability to play the whole thing offline. I got to play the game alone for an entire afternoon in December, and now you can see more of what I loved.

Here’s the intro cinematic that shows off the various characters and gets you amped for the action.

The premise behind the evacuation campaign is simple – you’ve got five days until evac and need to rescue as many people as possible by killing off the monsters so that all the civilians can get to safety. But with various game modes, multiple combinations of characters, monsters and map perks, it becomes a unique situation each and every time. I can totally see myself forcing the community to play with me once the game is released – and we don’t have long to wait now.

Evolve has gone Gold, which means that discs are being printed and shipped, not like going gold in the musical sense. So we know the game is really coming in only a few short weeks. Those of you on Xbox One can try to jump into the Open Beta on 15 January, and there are limited technical tests on PC and PS4 from 16 January for those who were involved in last year’s Big Alpha.

I will be patiently waiting for the final game release before I get to play. Then I will play offline for ages, hone my technique and then annihilate you all. Or, you know, be awful at the game and get destroyed but still have a fun time. Either way. As a reminder, here’s my favorite monster who I got to play with:

Last Updated: January 9, 2015

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