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Watch guys hit each other really hard hey in this gameplay footage for UFC 2

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Man, mixed martial arts sure has changed since the 1990s. I still remember watching the original UFC matches, on some imported VHS tapes years back when I was but a youth. Glitz! Glamour! The idea of certain martial arts being paired up and seeing which fight expert could withstand the most kicks to the face was something truly special.

It did of course lead to some truly memorable matches, such as Royce Gracie hugging everyone into submission, Ken Shamrock activating his god-mode cheats to crush his way through the ranks and Fred Ettish’s face becoming one with the elbow of Johnny Rhodes. Fast forward to today, and mixed martial arts is an entirely different beast.

Massively popular, it’s amazing to watch but it’s the kind of sport that I’d rather like to not test my face-to-foot style Kung-Fu in. Fortunately, there’s enough of a power fantasy available in the upcoming EA developed UFC game. EA detailed quick looks at the new gameplay, showing off the Knockout Physics System, Next-Level Submissions, and Dynamic Grappling systems with fighters Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor.

Check ‘em out below. In case the videos don’t work on your Chrome browser (which we’re trying to fix with hammers), I’ve hyperlinked the titles:

Knockout Physics System

Next-Level Submissions

Dynamic Grappling

Man, that looks eerily authentic. And painful. I’m getting my Fight Night 4 PTSD all over again, just watching those knuckles connect with faces.

Last Updated: December 8, 2015

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