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They are much smaller these days

As a predominantly PC gamer, I am the biggest fan of a good keyboard and mouse setup. Having the odd console here and there though has cultured a softness in me for handheld controllers.  There have been loads over the years, some great, some not so much. Watch how they have changed in this 30 second clip.

The clip was made by Pablo Fernandez, who loves everything pixel it seems. He has some cool content on his site, but his latest video takes a speedy look at the controllers we have seen over the years. Can you name them all? (via Game Informer)

Game Controllers "Pixel Art" from whoispablo on Vimeo.

He has the list of all he covered in the description of the video. Believe it or not, one of my favourite controllers is still the Wiimote and Nunchuck for the Wii. Sure, it looked silly holding two seperate devices connected via a cable, but man it was comfortable. I played with my arms behind my head most of the time!

My latest want is the new Xbox One controller. I’ve played with it a couple of times, and I’m in love. It’s just… beautiful. It feels comfortable, sits nicely in my hand, and it looks great. I definitely plan on getting one for my PC at some stage. What about you? What is your all time favourite controller?

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Last Updated: October 13, 2014

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