Watch Kinect Fail to Detect Skinny Asian Models

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With Kinect, Microsoft’s controllerless motion-sensing camera system is just 3 months away from general release, you’d expect it to works pretty much flawlessly.

At a very recent event in Hong Kong, Microsoft held a Kinect demonstration showcasing the system’s capabilities. They employed two skimpily dressed models to show off some of the system’s sports oriented titles. This is where it kinda falls apart.

After the race started, only one of the running models seems to have been picked up by the system – leaving her opponent eating dust. There are however, a number of pretty valid reasons for the motion tracking to go screwy. Firstly, they’re standing too close together – something that may end up confusing the body tracking systems. The game tells them how to fix this, by asking one of the players to move away.

The second reason the whole thing falls apart is far less concerning. The system is probably getting very, very confused is the constant barrage of camera flashes. Remember, Kinect’s motion sensors rely on infra-red light, a fair amount of which is output by camera pre-flashes – so it shouldn’t affect you at all, unless you happen to have a giant strobe constantly pulsing away in your living room.

Still, I’m going to have to try Kinect in my living room first before I shell out R1999 for the privilege of looking like an idiot in my own home.

[Thanks to bokka for the tip]

Last Updated: August 2, 2010

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