Watch Nolan North Talk to Nolan North

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Nolan North, the guy who voiced – among many, many other things – Uncharted’s Nathan Drake, is a staple of videogame voice acting. It’s now gone much, much too far.

In Illusion Softwork’s soon-to-be-released Mafia II, he voice a few of the characters – and without trying too hard, you can find somebody voiced by North, engaging in conversation with somebody else voiced by him. Grab the Mafia II demo – which is quite fantastic, by the way – and see how many Nolan Norths you can find! Still, it’s admittedly better than Oblivion, where pretty much everybody other than the King seemed to have exactly the same voice.

Watch Nolan North chat with Nolan North after the jump. If this carries on, soon the voices in my head will be voiced by Nolan North.