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Those who’ve been paying attention know that my own personal hype for Street Fighter V is busy going through the roof. Our own Darryn got to play the game at E3, taunting me as he did. The game looks to bring back some of the more technical aspects from Street Fighter V, while at the same time be accessible to new audiences. That’s a daunting task. At E3 this year, Capcom’s been hosting some pre-release tournaments with the currently included characters – and wile we’ve not been able to cover those, spread thin as we are, others have.

We got a mail from the chaps from YouTube channel XusesGB, trying to pimp their own coverage of everything Street Fighter V from E3. That’s ok though, because it’s all excellent – with videos of everything you’d want to see; There’s a full 2 and a half hour long tournament with all of the Street Fighter pros showing us how its done – a 12 man tournament featuring Justin Wong, Daigo, Tokido, Xian, K Brad, PR Balrog, Fuudo, Snake Eyez, Ricki Ortiz, RB, Mago & Chocoblanka. The whole things got commentary from the likes of Mike Ross and Capcom’s Peter “ComboFiend” Rosas.

They offer a fantastic, in-depth look at the game and its new mechanics. Here’s the full tournament:

The pair also does a full character breakdown, and explain how this game is so, so very different to Street Fighter IV.

There’s a lot more, which you can find over at this playlist.

Last Updated: June 18, 2015

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