Watch South Africa take on Israel and Denmark in League of Legends tonight

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I previously posted about my concerns surrounding our League of Legends team in place to take on Israel and Denmark in a tri nations tournament.

The original team had 2 DOTA 2 national team players, who both also play for Bravado, in the team even though they didn’t actually play League of Legends.

This started a massive thread on Facebook where Lazygamer was once again abused for pointing out these idiocies and we were absolutely 100% guaranteed that this was the only way that the match could happen. Else the entire thing would need to be scrapped.

Well low and behold this morning I received a new press release from the MSSA with the official League of Legends team in it, this time there are no DOTA 2 players involved from what I can see.

The new team consists of the following players

Conradie van Heerden (captain) – ROCCAT

Myburg Brink – ROCCAT

Willem Str?feldt – 2up Gamers

Kyle Rhoodie – 2up Gamers

Marco Botha – 2up Gamers

Now the top 2 guys are easy to find and play for ROCCAT while the other three are a bit more difficult to find and appear to play for other clans but 2up Gamers are an MSSA affiliated club so I presume that is why they are being listed as them. This working within the rules works perfectly for me.

From my brief research it is apparent that all these guys play League of Legends as their main game and honestly that’s all I want to know with the time frame to the match being so short.

I also had a go at the MSSA for calling this the first ever online Tri-Nations test match, well I am very glad to report that the MSSA appears to be taking the criticism to heart and has reworded the press release to be far more accurate.

Full press release follows

On the eve of the first Tri-Nations in which South Africa has ever played, Mind Sports South Africa has released the details of the team.

The Tri-Nations shall be held between Denmark, Israel and South Africa on Saturday, 12 October 2013 at 18H00 in preparation for the 2013 IeSF World Championships.
This is also the first time that South Africa will compete in an officially sanctioned competition for League of Legends. The Tri-Nations is thus, without doubt, a fore-runner of things to come.

Through the generous sponsorship from MWEB, the MSSA was able to begin its role out of on-line inter-regional championships, participate in the IeSF’s on-line Dota 2 Test Matches, and now participate in the Tri-Nations against Israel and Denmark.

While Israel may be, as yet an unknown team, the Danish team is renowned for its prowess at the game of League of Legends. Only last weekend on 5 October 2013, the Danish team ripped the French team apart, and the Spanish team choose to rather forfeit the game than face the marauding Danes.

Thus the Tri-Nation match will give the young South African team a good taste of what to expect at the World Championships.

The entire South African team shall play from MWEB‘s MCAVE at the MWEB head office.

Conradie van Heerden, the young team captain, from Durbanville, has stated that the South African team is not afraid of facing one of Europe’s best, and is quite looking forward to meeting the challenge. Conradie said, “No matter what, the experience will prove to be invaluable practice for South Africa’s first foray into the world of international competition in the game of League of Legends”.

The South African team will be awarded National Federation Colours just prior to the start of the game. Protea Colours will only be awarded to the final team that is approved to attend the 2013 IeSF World Championships.

Now that’s the way to let people know what’s happening without attempting to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.

Honestly, well done

All in all this is a great email to wake up to and I hope all the League of Legends fans tune into the live stream tonight starting at 6pm to support our team.

Don’t forget though our number one clan, Energy eSports, is still scheduled to take on Quetzal in DOTA 2 at 8pm and you can watch that live stream right here.

Come on South Africa and Energy eSports do our country proud.

Last Updated: October 12, 2013

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