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Watch stuff blow the heck up in Battlefield 3

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Many of you – our own Nick included – were underwhelmed by the open Battlefield 3 multiplayer Beta. It seems, from my reckoning, that DICE tried to take on Call of Duty directly, and included a level in their beta that would appeal to fans of Activision’s shooter. You can’t really out COD COD though, which is perhaps where the beta faltered. DICE needs to stick to the things it does best – and one of those things is wanton destruction.

In this new video highlighting the game’s destructible environments, see why you needn’t worry too much about campers – because they’ll find themselves collapsing under a hail of concrete. In related news, Patrick Liu, producer at DICE is quite keen to go head-to-head with Call of Duty. "They’re behemoths," Liu said of the Call of Duty franchise.  "Just the notion that we would be able to take a chunk from their gamers is awesome… They’re both military shooters, but in terms of flavor and style, they’re different." 

"We offer so much more than they do, I think." What do you think? Do they?

Last Updated: October 12, 2011

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