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Watch the complete classic collection of Superman, right here!

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One of these days, we’ll tell our kids about the lost American art form of cartoons. Back when we were kids, these 21 minute episodes were the best excuse ever to skip church. These days however, what we have on the boob tube instead, are inane sitcoms. So sit yer ass down, and grab some popcorn, and watch how a certain big blue boy scout did it best, way back in the forties already!

Developed by Fleischer Studios back in 1941-42, the Superman cartoons from that period of time were an animation revolution. More than just tales of the big blue boy scout thwarting criminals and crooks, they also had the Man of Steel taking down everything from rampaging robots through to earthquakes and Arctic terrors.

Now, you’ve probably seen these toons doing the rounds on TV, or as bargain bin DVDs with misleading labels, thanks to the fact that they’re available on the public domain. What you haven’t seen however, is the remastered version that Warner Bros poured some time, cash and effort into.

Except now you can, so sit back, reminisce and enjoy!










Last Updated: November 26, 2012

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