Watch the first 14 minutes of MW3

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Can you not wait until tomorrow for the most anticipated game of the year? Do you need your Modern Warfare 3 fix now?

Well then you’re in luck as I’ve found a video showing you the first 14 minutes of Modern Warfare 3’s single player campaign.

If you need to be warned that this video will contain spoilers then I’m worried about your ability to function is society, it’s the first 14 minutes of the single player campaign and it will ruin that all for you and possible give away even more spoilers.

I’m not watching it as I generally enjoy the Call of Duty single player campaigns but you can if you want to.

Oh and as a side note Activision. Maybe stop giving the game out to douche bags like this and start letting us get our review copies early. Oddly enough us savages down in Africa do understand what an embargo is even if we’re from a 3rd world country.

Last Updated: November 7, 2011

Gavin Mannion

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