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Nearly three years ago we reviewed a service called Unotelly which allowed people outside the United States watch things like Netflix, Hulu and other streaming options and ever since that day my TV habits have changed completely.

It didn’t take long before I cancelled my Premium DSTV subscription and besides the lack of sporting options I have never looked back.

The way it works is really simple, you sign up for a Unotelly account, either a standard account that I use for $3.94 a month or a Gold account with an added VPN option for $4.93 a month. No contracts or long-term commitments –  you can just cancel anytime if it doesn’t work for you.

Once you’ve signed up then you update your DNS on your router or device to their DNS settings and you are done. Compatible devices include Smart TV’s and Blu-Ray players, consoles, tablets and dedicated streaming units.

If you are going to then use one of the many streaming services, then Unotelly will fake your location to allow you to watch the streams and if you are going to normal sites like then it doesn’t change anything.

Your speed doesn’t change at all and you can watch steaming quite easily with anything that has a 2mb download or higher.

My current internet is a 4mb Sprintnet connection and right this very second I’m watching Netflix stream on my Xbox One while my wife is hiding in the bedroom streaming Hulu and both of us are receiving HD content.

So what are you missing out on if you aren’t doing this? Here’s my current favourites by stream and the costs of the stream. All are being paid using my South African credit card

Netflix – $7.99

Netflix is home to a massive back catalogue of movies and series but it is also now creating some incredible original content and I spend around 40% of my time watching their shows.










And many many more including some truly terrible movies like Zombeavers, Tracers and Mortal Kombat. And some truly fantastic shows like House of Cards, Scandal, Greys Anatomy and Agents of Shield to name but only a few

Hulu – $7.99

Hulu is more well known for brand new content that is often streaming before it even lands on DSTV in South Africa. My current Hulu addiction is being catered for by:




Along with a ton of other shows like Arrow, Wayward Pines, Tyrant and The Flash.

HBO Now – $15

HBO Now is a new entrant into the race and I’m paying them right now so that I could get my Game of Thrones fix which airs 1 day after it is shown in the US. They also have a great back catalogue that I am going through including Rome, Band of Brothers and True Blood

On top of that, you’ll also unlock a world of music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora. Geofencing sucks.


So while I enjoy rambling on about the shows there was a reason for this post. The guys over at Unotelly know how much we love them and so they got in contact with us to run a competition to give away some One Year Gold subscriptions to their service.

We have 5 of these to give away and the way we are going to do it is pretty straight forward.

We are going to give away 3 in the comments section below and to enter all you need to do is make sure you have a registered disqus username with a valid email and then leave a comment saying what you would like to watch if you won. We’ll pick winners next week after the E3 bedlam has calmed down to a mere panic.

Then we will give one away on our Facebook page so make sure you like that page so you will see when we do it.And lastly the official twitter account will be giving one away so follow on us on twitter as well (@Lazygamernet).

That’s it. And remember if you win you can watch anything on Hulu and Netflix for free as they both give away a free month when signing up so.

Last Updated: June 19, 2015

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