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Watch these consoles get smashed!

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You know what I hate? Console wars. It’s just gamers arguing for days, months, or even years – trying to prove that their console is the best of the best. Master Race jokes aside, can’t we all just agree that we as gamers are winners? We are part of a thriving industry for crying out loud, and we are spoilt in terms of choice. I miss the good old days, where smashing a console determined… wait, what?

I was browsing through Reddit when I came across this post (thanks subject_user_name)  which links to a video released way back in 2007. I have never seen it before. If you have, I’d imagine it’s well worth a second watch. Just be sure to crack out those tissue boxes to stem the flood of tears that will likely follow.

Man oh man, my inner teenager was cringing so hard at all that old console goodness going to waste. I for one really dislike these kinds of videos, although I’ll let this one slide because it came about after these console’s prime.

As a matter of interest, I took to YouTube to see if there are any modern day consoles being destroyed in the name of stupidity science. Of course there are… ready those damn tissues again, especially if you are a sensitive gamer!

At least the Xbox One went out with a bang. Other than that, I really dislike these people. Such perfectly good hardware going to waste! At least we were strong and watched it together.

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Last Updated: September 16, 2014

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