Watch this Metro: Last Light Trailer made by one guy

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4A games, the chaps who created the wonderfully depressing Metro: Last Light were notoriously understaffed and under-funded during the development of the game – which is why we can excuse the fact that this incredible trailer was made available after the game’s release.

Showing some of the worst things the last wrecks of humanity can expect to experience within Moscow’s underground, this Trailer – titled “The Mobius,’ is an art, freeze-frame look at the sort of environmental story-telling that you experience so much of while playing Metro: Last Light. It’s beautiful. And terribly depressing. Oh! And it was made by one guy.

Here’s how it came to be :

The Mobius was created by Alexander Bereznyak, aka Monakh, who was originally employed by 4A as a capture artist. Soon it turned out that his talent was needed in the production team and he took over the role as lead technical artist. But over a couple of months, he continued to work alone on this trailer, that is now made public.

Last Updated: June 6, 2013

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