Watchmen: The End is Nigh (Pt2) on the way

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The first Watchmen title was more than a little underwhelming and only managed to score a pretty pathetic 55/54 on the consoles.

However not ones to be easily deterred, Warner Bros have announced the sequel will be arriving soon on a platform near you and by the looks of it they have decided to make this as complicated as possible to understand.

Here goes, if you want to buy the game on the PC you will be able to pick it up on the 30th of July for around R120.

If you want it on the PS3 you can pick it up on the 21st of July for R240 but they do throw in the first part of the game as well.

If you want it on the Xbox 360 you can pick it up from a retailer on the 21st of July for R240 and once again you get both parts.

If you already have the first part on the 360 and only want the second part (what is wrong with you, don’t you learn) then you can download it from the marketplace on the 26th of August… for about R120…

Because it takes an entire month to release a title digitally?

Source: VG247

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