We are only using 30% of the PS3’s power

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Drakes Fortune

So who should we believe here? Kojima has said before that he thinks he is using virtually 100% of the PS3’s power in MGS4 while the developers over at Naughty Dog think they are only using about 30-40% of the power of the black beast.

Apparently the most important part of developing for the PS3 is to get the slightly less powerful GPU to farm out the work to those 6 other SPU’s.

So we have the most hyped PS3 game in history (MGS4) saying it is as good as it gets compared to the most critically acclaimed (and way more entertaining) Uncharted: Drakes Fortune saying that they are only just touching the power of the PS3.

I think I’ll hang my coat on the side of entertainment and agree that so far we haven’t seen anything use more than 40% of the PS3’s power and there are only better things to come.

Source: Gamedaily.com

Last Updated: August 11, 2008

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