We have 15 unbelievable Uncharted 3 screens for you

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The only negatives I’ve heard the last couple of days about the new Tomb Raider is that it’s trying to be the next Uncharted, personally I think that’s a silly statement as Tomb Raider was here first and making Lara a little more vulnerable and showing the origins of the series is something that is just in fashion at the moment.

But enough of that, this is now about Uncharted 3 which is unsurprisingly looking absolutely amazing and we have 15 new screenshots from the demo and our new nemesis.

As always click the thumbnails to see the awesome 720p full sized shots.

chloe-bus cruise-stealth-outsidefra-outro-01 going-underhold-explode hold-flood-shoothold-light hold-stick-uphold-vault marlowe-match-01sully-elena-01 syr-talbottalbot-ring water-wall

Last Updated: June 9, 2011

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