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We made a video of the Xbox Press conference

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GC Xbox press con

What a busy day! While Gamescom press conference day isn’t nearly as hectic as E3’s, it does involve a lot of running around and occasionally getting some free beer or sausage. The first press conference was Microsoft’s and you can check our entire live blog as well as the ridiculous amount of articles on the event.  Or here is a glorious video of the goings on.

Matty and I had a fantastic plan – Geoff told us that we probably wouldn’t get into the event and we were both very keen on leaving him to work while we went to drink beer and eat schnitzel. All we had to do was record an intro video – we even had a mic that was the perfect size to match our apartment. What is this, a microphone for ants? Just as we finished recording the first bit about not getting in, the random organizers behind us said everyone was welcome. Geez, we couldn’t go drink beer – we actually got a spot inside. In fact, Matty ended up sitting among all the presenters who were taken up on stage – best seats in the house.

While I was very glad to get into the conference, I’m not quite sure that it was a better choice than going off and drinking. There were the odd highlights of the event, and I’m certainly extremely keen on Quantum Break now, but otherwise I wasn’t overly impressed. What were your impressions of Microsoft’s press conference? Were you blown away or left wanting more? Also, check out how much fun we had at the press game time – I totally beat Matty at squats and my dance moves impressed the lady, I think.

Last Updated: August 13, 2014

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