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We may see a new Guitar Hero

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Earlier this month, we guessed that Rock Band might be making a comeback – but it looks like the better music rhythm game might be beaten to the punch by its progenitor; Guitar Hero.

According to not one, but two sources, Kotaku UK says that we’ll see a new Guitar Hero announced at this year’s E3. Published, as ever, by Activision, they say the new game will be a more realistic take on the genre – as opposed to the cartoony stuff we’ve seen in the past.

It’ll be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and bring with it some new fake plastic instruments. The last game in the series, Warriors of Rock, came at a time when the genre was already in steep decline. Activision has since shut down both of the studios that used to work on Guitar Hero; Red Octane and Neversoft. The developers of the first two Guitar Hero games, Harmonix, freed themselves from those shackles to make Rock Band and Dance Central.

Pressed for comment, Activision had just this to say:

“We don’t comment on rumour or speculation, but have previously said, that as one of the most beloved entertainment franchises, we would only bring Guitar Hero back if we developed the right innovations to usher the franchise into the new generation of gaming.”

I guess we’ll see if it bears any fruit at E3.

Last Updated: February 24, 2015

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