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“We’ll probably have to make Metal Gear Solid 5 sometime” says Hideo Kojima

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What’s that? You haven’t had enough adventures starring a moustachioed super-spy who happens to bear a passing resemblance to Burt Reynolds? Well, if that headline is any indication, we may be in for some more stealthy escapades in the Metal Gear universe, as series creator Hideo Kojima has yet to officially throw in the towel on the series that propelled cinematic gaming into the public spotlight.

“As far as my involvement in the project is concerned, (it) probably won’t be as much as it was with MGS1 – maybe I can do just one stage”, Kojima told Official Playstation Magazine. “For MGS1 I made the maps myself, laid out the enemy routes myself, did everything hands-on, that level I can’t do again”.

Kojima has been declaring each Metal Gear game that he has worked on since the second one, Sons of Liberty, to be his final entry in the series, but has always come back to start a new MGS project, finding himself unable to hand over the creative reins on his iconic franchise to another person.

“I intended to take it to a certain point and then hand it off, but that didn’t work, because it’s hard to convey the concept to other people then have them take the reins and carry on and preserve that vision… That’s why it’s easier to have them come up with everything from the start and then take it to the end”, Kojima said.

Still, even if Kojima does decide to begin work on MGS 5, it will be several years before we see it, as the famed developer is currently working on his next project, the cryptically titled Project Ogre.

Last Updated: November 22, 2011

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