We’re ending 2014 with our Game Of The Year awards

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This Friday, we’re going to be clocking off for a few days to recharge our batteries and prepare ourselves for day one patches. As usual however, we’ll be closing out the year with the only awards that matter, the Lazygamer Game Of The Year awards show. Glitz! Glamour! A terrible budget that means that I’ll have to host from my kitchen! Here’s how we make such an event possible.

Each year, we usually take a the crop of games released, list them and sort them into the categories available. From there, the group votes on which game in that particular genre struck their fancy the best. Going even further, we then set up a Thunderdome and proceed to throw interns into the cage to battle it out whenever we reach a tie. Something like this normally:

The blue monkey is Geoff

Once we’ve cleaned up all the blood and recycled the organs, we then factor in our bribes from triple-A publishers proceed to tally up all the votes, whinge about our choices being ignored and start prepping the posts. It’s an easy enough process, but one that quite literally involves days of discussions. We normally start debating around mid-November to early December, in order to finalise our winners.

Once we’ve done that, we sit down, watch the comments flow in and bask in the hate that we’re about to receive for making Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare our racing game of the year. Crap, I wasn’t supposed to mention that. Anyway, we’ve got the usual categories this year, as well as a few new ones. Friday will be our awards day.

It’ll be like a school prize-giving, except you actually give a s**t. And don’t forget, you can still cast your vote for the readers choice award. It’s like democracy, but not for the people. Or severely limited at least.

Last Updated: December 15, 2014

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