What a let down Gamescom 2014 was

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Due to being taken to court by someone I have absolutely no respect for, I wasn’t able to attend Gamescom this year which left me feeling sad and depressed on my multimillion dollar yacht that I bought with the Activision bribe money I keep on being accused of taking.

So while I wasn’t there I sat down with great excitement on Monday when our teams first interviews were happening, eagerly awaiting some absolutely fantastic news to explode out of Gamescom. I mean Microsoft needs to pull out some great exclusives to bring some love back to their platform and Sony surely weren’t going to sit back and allow Microsoft to make up the ground so soon in the race.

The week started well with the news that the next Skylanders for the iPad was going to be shipped with a controller and the game is going to be a solid experience on the iPad for once. And then we had the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer reveal which definitely wasn’t bad but a Call of Duty MP reveal happens every year at Gamescom so this wasn’t something that we didn’t all know was already happening.

The main conferences were on the Tuesday and neither Microsoft nor Sony revealed anything that I was blown away with. Sony’s conference appeared to be a pure indie fest with no mentions of new AAA IP, price cuts, PS Vita or new services that would make me grab a PS4.

The Xbox conference revealed that Tomb Raider was going to be a timed exclusive (or maybe permanent exclusive) which got social media going but after that we once again didn’t really see anything ground-breaking.

EA was up next and showcased nothing.. seriously I don’t remember anything unexpected at all from the conference and then when our team hit the floor at the conference they started reporting back on some solid hands on experiences and great content but none of the games they played were anything new or surprising.

All in all I think the industry let us all down at Gamescom this year and is definitely making me rethink the business logic of sending a bigger team to Gamescom rather than E3. E3 still appears to be where all the big news is released. But maybe I’m just feeling jaded, let me know what you felt about Gamescom this year and if it lived up to your expectations.

One thing I’m still super excited about though is Destiny, man I need to get back into that game. Also that header image is my poor daughters arm from last week… Sharing is caring and all

Last Updated: August 15, 2014

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