What are you expecting from the “Future of PlayStation?”

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Later on tonight (or rather, really early tomorrow morning), Sony will be hosting an event to showcase the “Future of the PlayStation.” It’s widely expected that the company will reveal s few details on its as yet unannounced PlayStation 4, using the event as an excellent platform to get in before the competition; but what else can we expect?

I’m on the side of the fence that really believes we’ll be seeing the PlayStation 4 revealed; if Sony blew this opportunity to show off something like the “PlayStation Vita Go,” the entire internet would explode from the resulting disappointment and rage – but I do think there’ll be some Vita love by way of a price cut on the current models, to help usher in a new 4G model. they’ll also show off and announce a number of Vita games that they believe might help the system pick up momentum.

I also think that before Sony even gets to PlayStation4, they’ll quote all sorts of fantastic things about the current PlayStation – including sales, number of PSN users and even showcase a few unreleased PS3 games like The Last of Us, God of War: Ascension and Beyond: Two Souls. I also think we’ll see a global price cut on PlayStation 3 hardware announced – bringing it close to mass market pricing.

As far as the PlayStation 4 goes, I think Sony’s presentation will be light on specs, but proffer up hyperbole about the system’s forward-thinking potential. They’ll show off the new controller and its touch capabilities (without making it look like they thieved too much from the Wii U), and how the controller and the new twin PlayStation Eye interface for accurate motion control without the waggle.

Sony, I suspect, will also finally show off what it’s been doing with the Gaikai cloud-streaming service since that it acquired last year – with a number of “PlayStation Cloud” features that could include backwards compatibility via streaming.

As for price and release date, I think we’ll be getting just the one of those. I believe Sony might hold its cards close with regards to pricing, and rather wait to see what Microsoft has planned before committing to a figure. Release date? I think we’ll get a vague “In time for the holidays.”

Lastly, I think Sony’s learned from Nintendo’s mistakes and will actually show a number of games for the PlayStation 4, largely sequels to established and beloved franchises. We may see Gran Turismo 6, Killzone 4 and maybe even a new game in the Uncharted series – and then something new, possibly from Media Molecule and Quantic Dreams – including a presentation from David Cage who’ll go on (and on!)about how the new machine will help bring real emotion in to video games. We may even get a glimpse at some third party titles, with EA’s Battlefield 4 and Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs as potential showstoppers.

Of course, this is all speculation that I’ve handily sucked from my thumb (I’M MICHAEL PACHTER!), so only time will tell how much of it comes true.

You’ll be able to watch Sony’s Future of PlayStation event right here later one – if you’re still awake. The event kicks off at 1am tomorrow morning for locals, 11pm on tonight for those in the UK and at 3pm PT / 6pm ET for those in the States.

Last Updated: February 20, 2013

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