What can we learn from Evolve’s Alpha stats?

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Evolve’s Big Alpha was a big deal. Tons of people finally got their hands on the game, although locally is was a big mess – it wasn’t meant to be available to us in South Africa, and those who got on were kicked out constantly, suffering from major connectivity issues. However, plenty of people got to play a whole bunch of times, and this info graphic sheds some light on what we can learn.

Evolve big alpha infographic

Despite fears that the monster would be over-powered, it seems that it’s the hunters who were the most successful during the Alpha, grabbing 753 414 wins compared to the monster’s 574 079. That didn’t dampen people’s desire to play as the monster, though, with 22.4% of players choosing to play as the Goliath or Kraken. The support only nabbed 16.4%. This ties into some fears we have for the game – it only works well if your team is balanced, cooperative and communicative. Evolve needs people to play as excellent trappers, medics and support – it’s not just about assault or being the monster. The stats from the Alpha show that some classes are more popular than others. While this may even out over time as people get used to playing a wide range of roles, it could certainly make the initial launch more bumpy as everyone queues to play their favorite role.

Finally, there’s the difference between rounds played and twitch views. With more than five times the viewership as the number of rounds played, it’s clear that there is a ton of interest in the game. People want to know what’s going on, implying that there will be a huge install base from the start. While there may be plenty of logistical issues at launch, and I really am worried about how the game will be balanced before the game ships, I think the 4v1 gameplay has a ton to offer.

Did you manage to get in on the Alpha? Was it everything you’d hoped it would be, or will you wait for the final released product?

Last Updated: November 17, 2014

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