What do you as gamers want from the industry?

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Last weekend I was sitting and complaining about you guys to my wife. Yes life has become that miserable… but moving on she said I should bring the question to you so here it is.

What exactly do you guys and girls want from the local gaming industry? We always hear that you wish our local gaming community was like it was overseas with all those cool events and launches and the like; however whenever the local guys try something the attendance is poor to say the least.

Earlier this year Microsoft set up the biggest Halo tournament the country had ever experienced. They were planning on going all out and providing food, drinks and entertainment to a huge amount of people but in the end they received a lukewarm response and ended up hosting it at their building. The tournament was a fantastic success in the end, but it is irritating to see a lack of effort by the community.

Next up is Megarom hosting a huge Starcraft 2 tournament with an officially sanctioned international match, the top players in the country and all the bells and whistles – yet people still aren’t excited.

The local community days are classed as a major success when 100 people arrive which is pretty dismal if you ask me and the only time the industry appears to get any real reaction is why the locals decide to give stuff away for free.

Really is that all that people want? I’m sure it will make the lives of all the distributors a lot easier if they know you really don’t want anything more than to simply be paid off.

So serious question time. Do you view yourself as part of the gaming community? If so then what would get you to leave the house an attend an event to show that you care about it? Or should the we all just stop trying to give back to the community and just run mini competitions instead?

Last Updated: February 28, 2013

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