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What do you want from the next Xbox?

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Xbox World Magazine is shutting its pages down for good at the end of the year – but it’s going out with a bang instead of whimpering off in to obscurity. In it, they’ve gathered up rumoured details – from their usually spot-on sources – regarding Microsoft’s next console.

According to Xbox World, the next Xbox is going to be quite a beast, featuring four hardware cores – each with four logical cores; an absurd amount of processing power for a console. They also believe the console will back 8GB (that’s bytes, not bits!) of RAM, which is sixteen times the amount of memory in the current Xbox.

Their next-gen expose also says the next Xbox will (finally!) pack in a Blu-ray drive – hopefully meaning multi-disc games will be a thing of the past. Additionally, they say the system will debut Kinect 2.0, which, in addition to improved voice recognition, promises better, more accurate motion-control, tracking up to four players – right down to their fingertips.

They also say that the next Xbox will feature an “Innovative controller,” which judging by Microsoft’s penchant for bandwagons might look a little bit like this:


Their reports also says that at some point in the future, the Next Xbox – which might just be called Xbox – will also support Augmented Reality, through an accessory similar to Google Glasses. Their rumours align pretty closely to the information that was leaked in the Microsoft internal planning document that Microsoft denied was real and then did its best to have removed from the internet. Smoke where there’s fire? Maybe!

Using the data from their sources, Xbox world has proffered up this mock-up, which we lovingly stole from CVG.


Sexy. If these rumours are true, Microsoft’s next console could be pretty amazing. With all of that in mind – and ignoring obvious just for laughs comments about the 360’s infamous hardware issues – what do you want from the next Xbox?

Me? I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want. More than anything I want proper support; a marketplace and services that are on par with those in the rest of the world.

Last Updated: November 21, 2012

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