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What gameplay tricks do you hate?

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I was scanning through my twitter feed this morning and I noticed that Cliff Bleszinski was posting some tweets around what he loves and hates about Resident Evil 6 and he mentioned that he hates Force Walks which is pretty ironic as Gears of War is pretty famous for force walks.

However that’s not the point as he also states he tried to get them out of Gears which got me to thinking what are the gameplay tricks that you see in games that you absolutely hate.

I personally have absolutely no issue with Force Walks as it gives me a breather and I normally get to be treated to a mini cinematic of some sort. However I do hate forced cut scenes that I can’t skip, granted they use them for loading but then rather show me a loading icon at least and then let me skip after it has loaded.

Other issues I have are exploding barrels, this really has been overplayed now and I actually now go out of my way to avoid hitting them as it just feels like someone is holding my hand. Exploding cars or other logical object are fantastic though.

So do you hate QTE’s, the ability to carry 15 weapons, regenerating health or anything else that has become the norm in games these days?

Other tricks that may set you off are

  • Fast Travel
  • Respawning
  • Levelling up / Grinding
  • Health bars
  • Invisible Walls
  • Impossible fights to forward story lines
  • Endless spawning enemies
  • Enemy spawning triggers
  • Cut and paste assets

Anymore you can think off?

Last Updated: October 9, 2012

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