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What happened to the guy who got an Xbox One early?

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What would you do if your pre-order for your next-gen console arrived at your house two weeks early? Well, if you’re Andre Weingarten, you fire that baby up, show it off on twitter and YouTube, and eventually get banned. Don’t worry, though, the story has a happy ending.

Via Kotaku we found out about André Weingarten: Weingarten thought he was too late to pre-order an Xbox One. A die-hard Xbox fan, he was pretty devastated, until it turned out that Target had some stock online. However, when his Xbox One arrived on Friday, two weeks before launch, he did what any of us would do. He got himself an Xbox One copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts, fired up the console and got to playing. Within six hours, his Xbox Live account was banned, his YouTube video of the unboxing had a copyright claim again it and even his twitter account was locked due to excessive posting.

Before the locking though, he got off a bunch of nice tweets with his reactions and experiences of the Xbox One:

Other insights? The day one update is 500 MB, Forza 5 is 31 GB on Xbox One and Ryse: Son of Rome is 34 GB. Wow, considering the console only has 500GB of storage, that’s gonna make for some important installation decisions, or plenty of extra hard drives.

After getting banned from Xbox Live, Weingarten eventually ended up chatting to Major Nelson and other Microsoft insiders. They acknowledged that Target made the mistake and it’s not actually his fault. In fact, he’s even landed an invitation to the Xbox One launch gala.

Last Updated: November 11, 2013

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