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What happens when The International crosses $10 million?

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The International is one of the largest events on the Dota calendar. This weekend’s ESL-One will be played in an enormous stadium, but nothing compares to the prize pool offered by The International. And it’s about to break another record.

At the time of writing, the Compendium has led to a prize pool of $9 992 261. This means that we can be pretty sure that it will cross $10 million today. This means that the prize pool is surpassing most golf or tennis tournaments. Beyond that, we can estimate that the winners will probably take home about half, which means a grand prize of $5 million. The International is three weeks away, which means that even more people will be picking up a Compendium and contributing to the prize pool.

At the moment, the Compendium only lists stretch goals up until $10 million. This means that Valve is going to have to brainstorm about more cool goodies to give to gamers for their contributions. Plus, it all helps to get more people playing the game, contributing to the event, and means that this year’s International will probably have more eyeballs on it than any Dota tournament we’ve seen so far.

I really believe that more events should do something similar. People want to get involved, they want to feel like they’re part of the experience. I’m sure it’s an administrative nightmare for smaller tournament organizers, but it could offer such excellent extras. Valve has proved that this model works – now let’s see how other eSports (and perhaps traditional sports) make use of it to also grab extra revenue and spectator support.

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Last Updated: June 27, 2014

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