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What if The Last Of Us was set in Britain?

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Virtually all post apocalyptic games are set in America and normally either in a run down big city or a thriving mini town in the middle of nowhere. But what if The Last of Us had been set in Britain instead?

Well in a marketing stunt aimed at driving sales in the land of the depressed and the wet; PlayStation have tasked some of their top photoshop experts to turn Britain into a post apocalyptic wasteland.

Honestly this hits home more for me as I’ve seen 90% of the following places in real life – but what about you?


Buckingham palace is easily my my favourite one. I love how you can see they tried to mount a defense there but were overrun. It’s also not overly surprising that a power station is the one place still showing life. Those things are pretty well protected and easier to defend than most.

Also thanks to the DailyMail comments for making my morning by calling these out as photoshopped. I’m going to believe they were being sarcastic and using that pommy wit because otherwise we are all doomed.

Last Updated: June 20, 2013

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