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What is the Process of Making a Mobile Game?

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What is the Mobile Game-Making Process?

Nearly every day, new mobile gaming apps are being developed and downloaded for gaming enthusiasts to play. The market is full of new games but they don’t all reach the same potential as fan favorites like Clash Royale, The Phone Casino, and PUBG. For a game to be successful, you need a solid idea with engaging and creative gameplay. Here is a little more on how you can begin your mobile gaming development process.

Start with a Good Idea 

An original idea is the basis of every successful mobile game. The idea doesn’t have to be super creative with groundbreaking features. A simple, well-put-together game can be the basis of something good that is going to transform into something outstanding. Take inspiration from already successful games or try something totally new, it is entirely up to you. Remember the user is looking for something convenient to play with not much in terms of stress. The experience of the game is the reason people return to it time and time again. 

Create a Captivating Story

One of the main roles all successful games deliver is enticing storylines and this is one of the reasons the story is so pivotal in the development process. To really allow players to know everything there is to know about your game you should tell a story with a complete description of characters, stages, and rewards. Having a concept is one of the essential stages of starting an online mobile game. Craft a story that is going to keep your target audience interested and that can help you achieve a variety of benefits.

The story is what makes people feel connected to a game or a character. It is the same in the film world, and even in books. No matter whether you’re surrounding yourself with fiction or non-fiction the story keeps people entertained. This being said, if you’re developing a puzzle game the story doesn’t have to be too broad. Unwanted elements can sometimes frustrate players if they are just wanting to continue with the next puzzle.

Game Plan 

One of the most important stages of game development is creating a plan. Having a proper game plan allows you to execute and convey your ideas in the best way possible. Most standard game plans will include marketing ideas, graphics or art, design or gameplay, technical structure, and the development of the game.

Agile game development is always advised so that you can work with various strategic elements of your plan. There can also be knock-on effects if any elements are changed through your plan, so stay aware and be willing to adapt.

Estimate The Costs 

There are a few factors you need to consider when you’re estimating the cost of your mobile game development. If you get these factors right they will help you make your game completely market-ready with a strong ROI. The most critical factors include the pre-development costs, post-development costs, and the mobile operating system.

Choose a Development Platform

Android users account for around 73% of all smartphone users, according to PewResearch.org, while iOS users represent a large portion. You should consider your budget when answering this question. If you choose to develop your game for a single platform, the market for your game will be limited. For those who wish to expand the scope of their app while having a reasonable budget, multi-platform development is the best option.

Select a Mobile Engine 

The Engine you choose for your game is important. There are lots of engines to choose from when it comes to mobile gaming, all with different abilities. Take your time when choosing one as it will become the entire basis of your app.

Have a Game Design Document

Once you draft the whole concept of your game, proceed with the game design documentation. Developing the design document is necessary for designing a game. This live and detailed document gives all the details about the game, including technologies, elements, design, experience, architecture, etc. The document records whatever you want to add to your app and ensures that the app follows a stick code for development and launching.

Game Structure

You can increase your sales with a visually appealing game infrastructure. In order for a game to be played, it must have enticing graphics and eye-catchy scenes. You need to include elements such as environment, characters, objects, textures, etc., in the architecture. It determines how your game will look. In order to refine the visuals of your game, you can choose 2D or 3D designs. Programming and design are involved in this step.

Build a Prototype

A playable prototype is vital for directing your new game to the target platform. Your prototype will resemble crucial sections of your game and show all of the most important mechanics. Prototypes can be a little time-consuming but they are essential in working out any design errors that may be there. There is a noticeable difference in player behavior when controls aren’t spontaneous and some tasks are hard to accomplish. By fixing these issues at this stage, many other issues can be sorted out.

Design Your Game

When your prototype has been approved it is time to begin the actual design of the game. Every step must be taken with care, even the smallest. This stage needs to bring the experience to the player. Show your creativity at this moment making your mobile game as engaging as possible. When you have figured everything out and the design is complete, the build begins. Consider all features that run in the background such as technology, functionality, navigation, experience, and more.


Before you think about launching your game into the mobile market it will need testing. QA testing to be precise. The game is going to represent your brand and business so you want to ensure that it is right with no bugs in sight. Beta versions are a great way for developers to get players to try out their developments across various devices, says MakeUseOf. After a beta version is released you can find all the bugs and build a better version of your finished product.

Learn How to Monetize

During the development process, you must create a monetization plan based on the game as your main income source. There are many ways you can generate revenue for your game, including in-app purchases, subscriptions, sponsored ads, full-price mobile games, premium versions, free-to-play games, etc.

Last Updated: June 29, 2022

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