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What is this Lightyear Frontier You Speak Of?

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Lightyear Frontier is an upcoming open-world, co-op farming game on an alien planet.

That is the short answer.

Yozzie, I think you would love this.

Farming Sims have become very popular over the last decade, just look at Stardew Valley and My Time at Portia, where players spend hours of their lives virtually farming.

As it so happens Framebreak and Amplifier Game Invest have decided to also make their mark on the genre with Lightyear Frontier. But…you will be farming on an alien planet.

The game was revealed with a trailer during Microsoft’s ID@Xbox show, and looks to be a very ambitious take on the farming sim genre. Why? Well, the game offers an open world sci-fi twist on crafting, resource management and various others features that you will find in farming sims, as well as a mystery of a story, where players have to unravel a cryptic past to the title’s central setting through the  exploration of ancient ruins and deciphering hidden messages.

Narrative aside, the farming portion is Lightyear Frontier’s main draw, where players will farm their land behind the controls of a giant mech. Now that sounds cool….

The mech will allow players to cut down trees effortlessly, manage their crops, build massive silos, domesticate wild alien animals that, I assume want to eat your face and suck out your eyeballs, and complete the game’s many objectives. You will also be able to upgrade your farming mech, to complete all your objectives…errrr…better, as well as overcome obstacles throughout the open world.

The title will feature 4 player co-op, which will allow your Arms to be Stronger, while teaming up to farm bigger plots of land. Yes, yes…it was lame, I know, but I can still type from the corner. A dynamic weather system will also make your farming experience, well, interesting to say the least. Framebreak confirmed the changes in weather will span over four seasons, and you will have to contend with beautiful summer days and heavy rain storms.

The game has no release date as of yet, but will be heading to early access when it hits Steam and Xbox.

So…are you excited? Mouth off in the comments with yer thoughts and GIFS.

Last Updated: August 11, 2021

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