What is this obsession with GameStop?

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I was reading a story on Ripten earlier about Chad Lakkis 6 hour road trip to pick up his original copy of Gears of War 2 as certain Gamestop’s had broken the release date.

It’s actually quite an interesting story as he goes on about how the hype built up around him about Gears of War and how by the time it got released he was actually willing, and did, drive a 6 hour round trip to get his copy… only to be completely unconvinced when popping it into the 360… You can read his story here.

Anyway back to the point, I found this story by clicking on a link entitled “Gamer drives 6 hours for a game to prove Gamestop wrong”, now seriously I believe in misleading headlines as much as the next guy but what is it about Gamestop that makes this headline even remotely interesting?

Gamestop is a company that sells games and doesn’t have the best customer service… not surprise there. They also only exist to make money and are quite happy to sell second rate titles to unsuspecting consumers. Yeah seriously nothing to see here…

Do people really believe that any of these stores exist for any other reason apart from to make money? As these stores grow and franchise the customer service levels will drop as they will become staffed by school kids who just want pocket money and cheap games…

So to sum it up for anyone who isn’t entirely sure here.

Gamestop exists to make money, not to be your friend. They are legally bound to do many things and morally bound to do nothing, this age old battle exists in every corporation in the world and Gamestop isn’t the least bit unique in this way.

If you don’t want to give your money to the big bad corporation then rather go find yourself a small independent games store and give them your money. However it’s not Gamestop fault that they have all the best positions in the malls and that the small games store is a mission to get to.

Stop complaining about it.

And yes I fully understand that this doesn’t apply to South Africa but it was bugging me and I just had to let it out…. Feel free to change the name of Gamestop to your local retailer that you hate.

Last Updated: October 20, 2008

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