What the Flock is going on this new multiplayer?

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[UPDATE:]We received some additional information from the developers, check it out after the click through. 

The Flock is a new multiplayer game in development. It’s not a shooter and it’s not a MOBA game, it is however creepy as Flock.

After seeing our article about The Flock, the studio emailed us with the following, explaining more about how the game works.

“The important unique twist we have added to this in the mechanics is that the Carrier can only burn Flock when they are ‘moving’ in the light. If they freeze their movements they will automatically turn into stone and be safe from the light. So when a Carrier shines it’s light on a Flock that doens’t move, they are both powerless to do further harm, which will create a very tense moment. The Carrier however, can’t forever keep shining his light on the particular Flock as other Flock might be sneaking up from behind, so he has to press on, knowing that the Flock that was standing still will disappear in the darkness again and hunt him. “, said Jeroen van Hasselt.

“We are trying to build tension for a multiplayer game and don’t have our main focus on action. Single player games can script events to build up to scary moments, we have random factors (being the players) that we can’t control.  So we have created a dynamic audio system that will respond to the evens happening in-game that will add up to the eerie atmosphere and exciting gameplay to turn it into a game that builds around suspense.” he continued.

Don’t worry, it isn’t a Kickstarter either. In development by Vogelsap, a Dutch indie studio, The Flock is heading to Gamescom this year. To that end, the studio has decided to start releasing more details, screenshots and gameplay of the game. In The Flock players take on the role of a scary monster/alien/mutant. Each player will set out to find an artefact, the player who finds it then transforms into the carrier able to own every one else with said artefact. 

The Setting

In the year 3000 humans are extinct. Planet earth is hostile and uninhabitable, shrouded with dark ash and pollution sunlight is unable to reach the surface. The Flock are among the last living things on the planet, living underground they have no idea that human beings left their last hope behind.

The Game

The Flock will be an online multiplayer where players will battle it out for ownership of an artefact. As the carrier of the artefact, you will be weaker and slower than the Flock and will have to survive as long as possible. You do have one great thing in your favour though; the light of the artefact or solar capsule will burn the Flock to death once it touches them. This means that even though the Flock is physically more agile and strong, they’ll need to play smart and stay out of the light to steal the capsule away.

The Flock 1

The work in progress footage doesn’t look like that of the next best game to enter the AAA scene, but a different approach to multiplayer is just what we need right now. The Flock will be released on PC.

Last Updated: July 18, 2013

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