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What the heck is Orena?

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The local eSports scene is a bit of a fragmented one – with no real centralised body or organisation, where only the best of the best have any shot of making any cash from their hobby-cum-profession. New local start-up Orena seeks to possibly change that, by organising and hosting tournaments with regular, guaranteed cash and gaming hardware prizes. “The organization was founded with the sole aim of providing the e-sports community with well-run, professionally organized tournaments on a consistent basis,” they say! Let’s find out more.

We had a chat with co-founder Luca Tucconi to find out a little more about Orena – which, as you;’ve probably guessed is an odd portmanteaux of “Online” and “Arena”

How long have you been working on the project?

Orena was announced on March 16th via our Facebook page but the idea has been resonating with me (CEO and Co – Founder) for the past year.

We have spent the last month and a half organising the legal documents and the website, making sure that professionalism, simplicity and the ability to maintain a wide open chain of communication between Orena and the community, are the core functions behind every level of our business model.

What level of professionalism can gamers expect from the organisation?

Only the highest!

We understand that we have just entered the tournament scene and are still getting over our initial “baby steps”, but in time and with the help and patience of the community, we look to provide you with a professional, consistent and highly rewarding tournament platform. This platform has one goal in mind, to assist South African gamers to reach the level of professionalism we have all come to dream of, becoming a paid professional e-Sportsman.

How exactly does the system work?

Orena’s Website Designer and Co-Founder Christopher Breedt, worked some kind of miracle over the past month and gave us the site you are able see today. Together with Tucconi who understands the basic needs of a competitive tournament and the hope that the community would supply us with the critique to refine our system, we would have a final product that fit their exact desires.

The Registration system has been designed for maximum simplicity. Our payment system will develop as time passes and we attain support in the aim of improving Orena’s entire infrastructure.

To register for our tournaments, you would follow a few simple steps:

1. Register Basic Captain and General Details on the registration page for each tournament.

2. Complete the Team registration on the following page.

3. Deposit Registration fees via EFT with the bank details provided, use “Order Details” provided in registration page as the EFT Reference when making payment.

4. Once Payment has shown in the account a confirmation email will be sent to you with the final event information.

5. Get warmed up for the Orena…

6. Play and Win!

Most importantly, our current system is based on a cash pot, similar to some successful events that have been run in the past. The more teams we have entered into our tournaments, the higher the prize pot becomes for teams ranging from 1st to 7th place. So get entering and spread the news!

Orena has also been in communication with some very interested parties, who are looking to get involved in the form of prizes and infrastructure support. We will keep the community up to date on any changes in the Entry Criteria and Prizes for our tournaments.

Is Orena just a casual organisation launched by friends or a registered business?

Orena is in the process of becoming a registered business. By the end of the week we will have all the outstanding legal infrastructure finalised.

Is Orena for hardcore gamers only, or is there space for more casual gamers as well?

Orena looks to supply every gamer with a platform to test their skills, as we have stated, the main goal is to grow South African e-Sports to the level we have come to see on an international front. The only way to do this is to inform the uninformed and help them see the attractive side to this exciting new profession.

Will you be running tournaments for other game titles in the future? If so, which titles?

We will most definitely be supporting more titles. Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Quake Live, FIFA, Battlefield and many other titles come to mind, not forgetting our future support of the more popular console titles.

Why should gamers support and compete in Orena tournaments?

The Orena brand shares empathy towards the situation South Africa e-Sports finds itself in today. Gamers hunger for the motivation to play in a tournament which gets hosted on a consistent and regular basis, with substantial rewards on offer. We look to offer exactly that.

Orena values the community’s opinion to the highest regard as we are competitive gamer’s ourselves, who hunger and have hungered for a similar opportunity for a number of years… We now look to supply what we never compete for ourselves.

The dream of seeing South African faces on the international front, we believe, is not too far away.

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Last Updated: June 4, 2013

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