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In case you missed the big news of last week, Dendi (Dota 2 All-Star) is coming to South Africa. All you Dota 2 fans are bursting with questions, and you can get them answered! In fact, you can even play against him!

So, given the opportunity, what would you ask Dendi? Do you want to know about life as a pro-eSports athlete? Or how about team dynamics? Think carefully – Dendi will answer the questions on stage at rAge.

Now, there are three ways you can get this question to Dendi. You can tweet about it using #AskDendi, or post on Megarom’s Facebook photo. Alternatively, leave your questions in the comment section below and we will pass it on to the powers that be in Megarom.

Oh, and no asking him to bear your love child. It’s awkward.

So, want to get utterly destroyed by Dendi? Or maybe you think you stand a chance. In any event, you can stand a chance to play a game against Dendi. [Actually Zoe the competition is to get a place on Dendi’s side against a top local DOTA 2 clan] The rules – you must be at least level 15 in Dota 2 and attending rAge on Sunday between 10am and 12:30 pm. That’s certainly a reason to head over to rAge on Sunday! Go enter here

Last Updated: September 30, 2013

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