Whatever happened to 1 vs 100?

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Remember way back in 2010 when the Xbox 360 team came up with a great new idea of running a live gameshow through the Xbox Live experience? It was called 1 vs 100 and it picked up speed rapidly and at one point had over 40 000 concurrent users, which is quite some feat for a brand new gametype.

And then it was gone, one day we had it and then it simply appeared to vanish never to be heard from again. Well that is until now when The Examiner has tracked down the original host and put a series of questions to him.

The entire interview is interesting enough but the part that really got me interested was when they asked Chris Cashman what actually happened to the game?

It’s rather frustrating. We were gaining steam. I think we had beaten all expectations and hopes in a short period of time. We were live in both America and Canada. This was before folks really even knew what Twitter was. We were certainly ahead of the curve. I can’t say for sure but after the dust settled I had some conversations with folks “in the know” that pretty much said the game was essentially abandoned because one boss left the division and another came in. One “got it” and the the new one didn’t. They were signing contracts with ESPN to have content on Xbox LIVE and my team was basically reassigned to the ESPN project. Bummer. I don’t think it was any more complicated than that.

At any company you are at the mercy of some manager. I’ve fallen victim to similar situations in TV & radio stations I’ve worked at. Someone champions you and another doesn’t. The buck stops at the decision maker and unfortunately that person wasn’t among the fans of 1 vs. 100.

So in the end it was as simple as the new manager just didn’t get the game and that was it, it got killed off.

It’s a real pity as I think Microsoft were leading a new entertainment channel at that time and with their new found love for content other than games it would make perfect sense to start the game show again. Maybe it’ll happen this year or at least with the new Xbox that is being announced next month.

Last Updated: April 29, 2013

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