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Whatever happened to Sorcery?

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Remember way back in E3 2010, which is an eternity in the video game world, we saw the PlayStation Move being used to great effect in a magical title called Sorcery?

At the time it was one of my favourite titles of E3 and was one of the reasons to want to own a PlayStation Move, but then the Move came out and another E3 passed and nothing else has been heard about Sorcery.

Dealspwn has managed to track down a Sony employee who was willing to talk about it and asked them where in the world is Sorcery and is it still in development?

Their response in full

Yes, Sorcery is still in development.

So there you have it, we don’t really know anything more than that but at least it hasn’t been cancelled yet and hopefully in the relatively near future I’ll be able to live out my adulthood dream of being Harry Potterish while not being on rails.

Here’s that video again if you don’t remember what the games about

Source: dealspwn

Last Updated: June 28, 2011

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