Whatever happened to Vault boy from Fallout 3? He started to work as a Pizza Delivery Boy

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In what feels like a very sad episode of ‘Where are they now” our old friend Vault Boy has been found and very much not well.

While we were under the impression that vault boy had gone off to explore new galaxies and save new worlds this isn’t the case… in fact after Fallout 3 vault boy has been struggling to find work and eventually had to take a job as an Italian restaurants mascot… and deliver pizza.

It’s all pretty sad really but I don’t think he has too much to fear, Bethesda are surely going to be contacting Expresso Pizza of Billerica Massachusetts shortly to kindly inform them of the trademark breach and then taking Vault Boy home with them.

Source: Joystiq

[Thanks Martin for the tip]

Last Updated: November 18, 2009

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