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What’s Lionhead up to?

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A few years ago, countdown timers were all the rage for new game releases. Just about every new game was revealed through a silly countdown timer.

I’ve not seen one for some time – but Peter Molyneux’s Lionhead Studios is  bringing them back.

According to the time, whatever it is hypemaster Peter Molyneux and his studio have in store for us will revealed on Monday March 5 at 2pm GMT. According to lionhead.com, it’s be the unveiling of their reinvigorated site,  giving it a “fresh look and feel,” but they’ve also hinted at something else. The timer’s end coincides nicely with this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco – which Molyneux was scheduled to appear at, before cancelling at the last minute.

Something’s up – but we can only speculate. The Microsoft owned studio was recently canvassing for talent to aid in its next-gen development, so it could be something related to that; perhaps Fable 4 on the next Xbox? Maybe they’re resurrecting one of their older games? I’ve always thought that god-simulator Black and White would be a perfect fit for Kinect. All we know is that Lionhead is still busy with their Kinectified Fable game, the Journey, which absolutely, positively isn;t an on-rails experience.

What could it be?

Last Updated: February 29, 2012

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