When boredom sets in, genius takes over and creates an AR System Shock game

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What do you do when you’re bored? Personally, I like to do some sketching, shave my head or conduct research on cosplay projects. Hardly taxing stuff, but it makes me happy. Other people however, find inspiration in boredom. Inspiration that leads to creating an entire Augmented Reality control scheme for a cult classic game.

Over on the NAG forums, Legion showed off his latest project which combined 3D Glasses with enough technology kajiggered together to make the head of MacGuyver spin. Check out his proof of concept below, and some of Legion’s work notes:

  • I bought the 3d glasses for cheap and rebuilt the controller. Support 720p 2D / 480p 3D now possible thru VGA
  • Add low latency wireless transmitters, 2x microtic bullet5 with HDMI to IP serve boxes.
  • Been working to turn the Wii remote into accurate head tracking. “Done! And it’s a pleasure to use”
  • Added wireless headphones.
  • Built a rifle for shooting things. Uses another Wii remote and positioning markers so you can literally AIM down the scope. Still a tiny bit buggy, needs Kinect cams for added accuracy.

Of course, this was but the first step. The project has evolved since then, and now has peripherals and other tech that is way, way over my pay grade. It’s kind of neat, and worth a read. Even if it is NAG-related. Zing! Check out the rest of Legion’s site for other stuff that is beyond my level of understanding. And robot spiders.

Last Updated: October 7, 2014

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