When is Microsoft's Xbox 360 Price Cut Coming?

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Bruce Everiss has written a very good article over at SeekingAlpha.com asking when the next 360 price cut is coming…

In essences he says the following…

Sony are losing a truck load of cash currently on the PS3 and are even selling less important pieces of its company to keep the department alive.

Microsoft are made of money and the 360 is now making a profit on every console.

Microsoft will lose their current gaming domination advantage next year.

The 360 is currently as technically capable as the PS3 and is easier to manufacture.

So since the PS3 is starting to catch up with the 360 and we are obviously not going to see a price cut before Christmas it is logical to think that we may receive a large price cut in February next year to counter anything the PS3 has to throw at it.

Bruce even goes so far as to say that if Microsoft time it correctly it could be a knock out blow for the PS3 in the States… I think that may be going to far though.

When is Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Price Cut Coming? – Seeking Alpha

Last Updated: December 19, 2007

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